Skinnygirl Sangria Now Available at LCBO

How excited am I??? I spotted the beautiful bottle of Skinnygirl Sangria at the LCBO last week. I know what you’re thinking -did you try it? And the answer is no not yet. I know! I know! How is that even possible. Lol. Don’t worry today I’m heading back to the LCBO to pick up a bottle and I’ll have my review posted later today. I just wanted to write a quick post letting all of you Bethenny Frankel & Skinnygirl Margarita fans that the Skinnygirl Sangria has arrived.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think? How does it compare to the Skinnygirl Margarita? Let me know your review.


6 Responses to “Skinnygirl Sangria Now Available at LCBO”

  1. hi I’m sorry to say that the sangria was not as good as i was expecting…i’m a little disappointed…..

    • I agree. The Sangria is not good at all. It almost seems like it needs to be mixed with other ingredients to taste like a real sangria. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Not a fan of the Sangria. Way toooooo sweet. But I’m a huge fan of the margarita and can’t wait to try the cosmo.

  3. Okay what gives I went to the LCBO to get Skinny Girl Margarita which I love and they said it was not available and they did not know when or if the LCBO will be picking it up again ??????

    I was so disappointed to you have any information about this?

    • Hi Laurie

      I suggest asking if another LCBO nearby has any stock. I have seen bottles in many small towns in Ontario. I’m sure your store is just out of stock and if that’s the case that means it’s selling well. I’m sure a shipment will be on its way shortly.

      Thanks for your post!

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