Good Eats:: Lamesa Filipino Kitchen

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I had a great first time dining experience at Lamesa Filipino Kitchen. My fabulous and “oh-so!” stylish friends Kim & Karen from @vspacestudios, shared the awesome experience with me.

The venue itself is small and cozy… It has a very warm and inviting atmosphere. Lamesa’s short yet enticing 5-course menu changes daily. Here’s what you get for $35 per person.

1. Appetizer
2. Amuse Bouche – Chef’s Special
3. Entree with unlimited rice
4. Amuse Bouche #2 – Chef’s Special
5. Dessert

Lester Sabilano and Rudy Boquila, owners of Lamesa, has certainly taken old school recipes that I grew up on to a whole new level. I mean who knew that Filipino food could be turned into contemporary dining? Consider me thoroughly impressed.

So did I order? For my appetizer I ordered Beef Sisig- crisp-fried beef mixed with a mirepoix of ginger, garlic, chilies and onions. A fried egg is then perched on top, alongside Filipino pico de gallo. Shortly thereafter we were greeted with an amuse bouche, spoon of Arroz Caldo made with rabbit. My entree was a Short Rib Nilaga- Braised short rib, cabbage, beans, and a bone marrow potato purée with a ginger beef broth was my entree and it came with a side bowl of steamed rice -that I could not finish because I was so full!

In between entree and dessert we were served our second amuse bouche, chocolate pudding made of a childhood favorite, Ovaltine and crispy pinipig (similar to rice crispies)

Last but not least for dessert, Calamansi pot du creme. It resembles a key lime custard or leche flan.

Over all I walked away from Lamesa impressed, satisfied and very FULL! One of my favorite items on the menu was the refreshing and cleverly named cocktails. I ordered the Lolo Cool J, made with Maker’s Mark, pineapple and cinnamon syrup, grated ginger, freshly squeezed lemon $12.


Lamesa Filipino Kitchen
Address: 669 Queen St. West, Toronto
Telephone: 647-346-2377
Twitter: @LamesaTO

Being MIA & Filipino {Part 2} Desserts

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Hi all! Thanks for continuing to read my blog and leave comments. I have really been neglecting it lately but I’m glad someone’s reading it. Lol.

Anyhow have you seen this yet? I was asked by Lisa Ng of Hip and Urban Girl to blog more about Filipino food so I wrote a tidbit on desserts. Check it out!

Hope this ties you over for a while.
Peace out!


Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo Now Available at LCBO

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So excited that Skinnygirl White
Cranberry Cosmo is now available in Toronto. I picked up a couple of bottles last Thursday and lets just say I was plum out by Friday. Lol. It truly tastes like a real bar made cosmo. It’s fresh, light & not overly sweet. I highly recommend you try this cocktail this weekend… Or tonight!



Skinnygirl Sangria Now Available at LCBO

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How excited am I??? I spotted the beautiful bottle of Skinnygirl Sangria at the LCBO last week. I know what you’re thinking -did you try it? And the answer is no not yet. I know! I know! How is that even possible. Lol. Don’t worry today I’m heading back to the LCBO to pick up a bottle and I’ll have my review posted later today. I just wanted to write a quick post letting all of you Bethenny Frankel & Skinnygirl Margarita fans that the Skinnygirl Sangria has arrived.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think? How does it compare to the Skinnygirl Margarita? Let me know your review.


Skinnygirl Margarita Toronto Launch – June 17 2011 – Summerhill LCBO

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At long last it has arrived, Skinnygirl Margarita is here in Canada! And what is it you may ask?

Skinnygirl Margarita priced in Ontario at $15.95/750 ml bottle, is a ready-to-serve cocktail made with natural flavours, lightly sweetened with agave nectar, and made with premium Blue Agave Tequila. It has 110 calories per 4.2 ounce/125 ml serving. But does it taste good?

Ahhh yeah! Why do you think I’m going nuts over this product? And did I mention that its has only 110 calories per 4.2 ounce/125 ml serving? Basically all you do is shake it with ice & you’re all set. If you’re a margarita fan or don’t know if you’re a margarita fan you’ll be happy to know that a typical restaurant version packs a whopping 500 calories or more in a 4 ounce cocktail.

So why is this such a big deal? Because not only is it fan-friggen-tabulous but it was created  in 2009 by Bethenny Frankel, a renowned natural foods chef, three time New York Times Best Selling Author AND the star of “Bethenny Getting Married” and “Bethenny Ever After” AND she was on the Bravo hit series “The Real Housewives of New York”. Frankel, who calls herself a “health foodie” not only knows how to make healthy food, but she knows how to make healthy food taste good. In March 2011, Skinnygirl Cocktails was acquired by Beam Global Spirits & Wine. Frankel will continue to serve as the committed brand collaborator, developer and marketer.

Aside from this genius and delicious idea Frankel has become a true inspiration for women like me who want it all. By putting her entire life story on TV and in her book “A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life”, she has shared her own challenges, pitfalls, and successes.

Well there you have it Canada! Skinnygirl Margarita will being appearing on liquor store shelves across Canada this summer, starting in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan in June 2011.

Have you tried Skinnygirl Margarita? If so, I would love to hear your review.




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Here’s the official press release.


My Toronto Skinny Margarita Tour : Part 2 – Milestones Restaurant (Yorkdale)

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So I was in search for a cheap & cheerful skinny margarita and since I was heading to the movies with a few gal pals I figured I’d check out what Milestones had to offer.


– 2 ounces of Patron silver tequila

– splash of triple sec

– Juice of 3 lime wedges

– 1 Splenda packet

Preparation: Shake all ingredients together and pour over ice & club soda. Rim glass with sea salt & garnish with a lime.

Cost: $11.74 + HST

Review: My first sip was not good. Too sweet & not enough lime juice. It tasted like straight alcohol with splenda. I kindly asked if the bartender could add in some club soda to dilute the sweetness. When I got my cocktail back I still wasn’t over the moon about it…But good try Milestones.